What Are the Prerequisites of Starting a Freight Brokerage Business?

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Today, it is hard to look for a job that is good paying and offers you additional benefits. As a result, most individuals get two or more work just to make ends meet despite that both of it is low paying. Do you face similar situation right now? If yes, it is time to leave your job and engage in freight brokerage business. Freight brokering is a lucrative business. Many people who are like you decided to take the plunge and test their fate in freight brokering that turned out successful. And now, they are living a secured life and earn higher income which they will never get in their former jobs. Are you interested in becoming a freight broker? You have to learn how to become a freight broker and follow the requirements needed to join in this industry stated below.

Hone your Skills


The first step to becoming a freight broker is to learn everything you have to know in this business. There is freight brokering courses that are offered to individuals who are interested in engaging in this kind of business. You can browse online to search for a site or school offering this services and to register this course. In this course, you are being taught on how to become an excellent freight broker by teaching you and immersing yourself in extensive training programs. Also, they will refine your skills that are necessary for this business such as communication, mathematical and analysis.


Get a License


Once you have completed your course including the required period of training you are ready to get a license. You can search through online on how to get a freight broker license in your area.


Create your Business


Plan Now that you are official freight broker, the next step is to build your business. Develop a solid and comprehensive business plan. This will guide you in your venture in this business. Moreover, it will help you to know your priorities and how to achieve your goals. After building your business plan, start looking for good shippers to help you in delivering your service.


Get a USDOT Number and Broker Authority


One of the most important things that you have to do before starting a freight brokerage business is to register it by applying for USDOT Number. This number is a requirement for filing your business at the FMCSA. You can get it at the Department of Transportation. On the other hand, the broker authority is a license that is required to every freight broker. You can file for this license at FMCSA. Other Requirements Surety bond is another substantial requirement in building a freight brokerage business. This will act as your trust fund or insurance to make sure that the carriers or shipping companies you choose will get paid. Likewise, you will need a legal processing agent who will take care of the registering of your business. This step only follows after you have completed the above measures. You can select your agent by applying at Designation of Agents for Service of Process at FMCSA.


Get more details on how to become a legal freight broker. You can go to The Precise Service.com for a detailed guide on this matter.