Learning Basic Survival Skills

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The fear of the unknown is a basic instinct. Not knowing what confronts you can paralyze a strong man with inaction, a lame woman to strike irresponsibly, and reduce another person to tears. These are all normal and necessary reactions to give you the adrenaline to either fight or take flight. You can use that extra charge of energy to defend yourself or get away from perceived danger.

People have different ways of using adrenaline to their advantage. You can control it or allow it to control you. The way you anticipate an event can cause you either fear or excitement. You feel apprehension if you think an unpleasant event is coming. There are more chances of overcoming the unknown and its difficulties if you have basic survival skills, especially when you’re outside the comforts of home. Here are some of those:

Mobile Emergency Gear

Make sure you have an emergency gear in the trunk of your car. The gear should include stuff you’ll need to survive outdoors like flashlights, food packs, bottled water, first-aid kit, portable generator, and more. You can check out http://portablegeneratorsrated.com/best-whole-house-generator-reviews/ for awesome reviews of the best generators.

Creating Fire

Fire is the major implement in all survival techniques. It can provide warmth, illumination, comfort, and healing. It can cook food, purify water, repel insects and predators, the signal for help, and serve as the crackling companion. Every person, especially those who venture into the great outdoors must have a basic knowledge on how to start a fire. If you can’t have it on your person, you must at least have a tool for creating fire. To create fire, gather all the wood pieces needed to last for the night. Collect more if possible.

Building Shelter

Even the crudest shelter can provide you protection from excess exposure to the elements. Your body may not be able to stand anything that will drastically change its overall body temperature. Aside from the clothing you wear, you need a shelter to add to your line of protection. Look around to find anything you can use to build a make-shift shelter. Know how to create a quick lean-to shelter. If you have a space blanket, use it to insulate the shelter or to wrap around your body while you’re in sitting position to conserve body heat.

Searching for Food and Water

Conserve your supply of potable water by drinking only in the evening. If you run out of supply, find water sources. Make sure to purify water by boiling first to kill bacteria. Don’t drink any liquid if you’re not sure about its quality, including urine. Collect water before you run out of it.

Applying First Aid

The general rule in any emergency situation is not to panic. Stay calm so you can clearly think, plan, and act. Analyze the situation to see what needs to be done. Knowing how to treat minor injuries is very important, especially if access to medical help is not available. Make sure you have the basic medical supplies in your kit.

Knowledge of these survival skills will provide you enough confidence to hurdle crisis and disasters. Apart from common sense and presence of mind, these skills are what you need to keep yourself safe and protected from things that are even unknown to you.