Getting the Right Facial Brush

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More and more individuals, especially women, are becoming inclined in the cleansing and exfoliating of the facial skin. Such is owed to the fact that there are already a huge number of companies that are manufacturing different types of skin care or beauty products. We can find facial washes, cleansers, serums, toners, moisturizing creams, and the likes.


Interestingly, today, you can already find the best facial brushes for sensitive skin. This invention has made it possible for people to refrain from spending too much on facial care services or trips to the spa. These brushes are marketed to help remove dead skin cells as well as remove dirt, oil, and makeup deep within. Since they also tend to massage the face more blood flows to the area. This is important to help revitalize the elasticity and moisture of the skin.


With such amazing promises in combination with positive reviews and testimonials, people are becoming more interested. As such, more companies have also manufactured several varieties of this equipment. Unfortunately, that will take a toll on customers like you. That is because you might not end up with the right product. Such can either damage your skin or you might end up buying multiple times before you finally find the one that works great. Hence, we have curated some of the things that you need to look at when buying one.


The Brush


The brush is the part of the equipment that will come in contact with your skin. With that in mind, it is important to consider the one that has the softest and gentlest bristles. This will ensure that you are not just cleansing your face but also preventing it from being exposed to extreme pressure and harsh items.


Of course, the brush that comes with the product should also be replaceable. That is important so that you do not have to dispose off the whole product once the brush is no longer feasible. This will also ensure that multiple individuals can use the item since you only need to have your own brush.


The Body


The body of the product is the one that holds the brush and the battery. In choosing one, it is essential to get one that is waterproof. As such, you would be able to use it even in the bathtub and while taking a shower. This area should also have a handle that has an ergonomic design as well as an anti-slip design.


The Buttons or Knobs


The product should also have buttons or knobs not just for turning it off and on. It should also have adjustment controls for the rotating or spin speed of the brush when in use. With that in regard, you can choose the one that will work best for the condition of your skin at the moment.


Final Words


With all the information given above, it can be said that the best facial wash is the one that is safe, easy, and comfortable to use as well as versatile.

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Neck Wallet and Money Belt: Buying the Right Kind for Your Travels

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Traveling is a good way to temporarily or shorty leave behind the things that have caused you stress for days, weeks, months, or years. By doing so, you can smell fresh air; visit new places, meet different people, eat different kinds of cuisines, and have new adventures. However, with comfort and recreation comes dangers as well.

Of course, since you are new to the place, you might get lost or might even get in trouble if you are not familiar with the laws or visit areas that have bad reputations. The good thing is that you can already prevent those things from happening because you can do your research via the internet before you even book a travel escapade. Also, as common to all countries and places, you might encounter pickpockets or thieves along the way. You will surely be a target since they can identify whether you are a tourist or a local.

As such, you need to protect your money, IDs, ATM, debit, and credit cards, and your passport. In order to do so, you must have the perfect wallet or bag for those items. When you Check out this post – Neck Wallet or Money Belt: Quick Review, you will find that a neck wallet and a money belt will be good options. That is because they will be placed in a location that is visible to you and wherein pickpockets will not dare to steal from.

Now that these products have become popular amongst tourists, students, and people from all walks of life, you can already find a lot of them in the market. Hence, there are some important things to look for when you buy one for your travels. Since you want to travel with your hands, shoulders, or body as a whole free from carrying so many things, you should always look into the size of the item. It is advisable to get one that can fit your passport perfectly. If you opt to bring an iPad with you, then it is better to choose a size that can fit such. Of course, it should also not be too big so as to lessen your carrying burden and bulk.

Also, the product should be made of a material that is durable enough to hold the weight of all the times that you need to carry. Items made of leather are amongst the most durable and expensive but you are assured that they cannot be slashed and pulled easily. Those that have several compartments are also ideal since you can organize your things well. Hence, it can prevent you from scavenging inside which can lead to accidental dropping of items inside your bag.

Opting for a neck wallet or money belt that is waterproof is also the best way to go. Apparently, you will never know what the weather is like in a place that is new to you. Similarly, accidental spills that might happen anytime is a possibility that you should always consider. As such, the important items inside will always be safe from damages.

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Creating Efficient Spaces at Home

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A surprising and interesting trend that’s not that hard to observe in the modern world is that living spaces are becoming smaller and smaller. How is something so apparent surprising? Well, the fact that there are a lot of those who live in smaller spaces deliberately and not out of choice. Minimalism seems to be an appealing concept, and it’s easy to explain why. A bit complex to elaborate, for sure, but appreciating its aesthetic value is nothing monumental. It’s also ironic that smaller spaces are making homeowners feel more freedom inside their homes compared to an empty mansion. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. The point is that smaller spaces are only worth it if there is a deliberate design for a minimalist approach. Mindlessly adding clutter defeats the purpose of minimalist living spaces.


The good news for people who don’t subscribe to the minimalist mindset is that they can apply these decluttering and strive for efficiency even for their averagely-spaced homes. With websites like at the helm of putting good information out there, homeowners can expect to have highly functional and optimal living spaces.


One of the rather ignored factors in creating an efficient flow of space in a household is the incorporation of outdoor space. A lot of houses today don’t bother much with their yard. Not even their patio. Having the mindset of embracing the outdoor space as a pseudo-indoor space will add more breathing space in the home. One creative way to do this is by installing glass panels to serve as walls that divide the patio and the living room. This simple alteration creates a sense of continuity between these two sections of the property. Even if there is a large glass panel dividing them, the illusion does its work pretty well. It’s just like being able to feel more at ease browsing inside a smaller shop with glass storefronts than a larger, closed one.


Another seemingly simple hack in optimizing household space is going for compact appliances. Or simply smaller ones that can do the amount of work that the home requires. It’s a waste of space and money to buy a humongous laundry machine if it’s only going to be used by two people, for example. Things like these are actually integral parts of designing a minimalist, modern home. But if a spacious home were to take these simple alterations into account, space will definitely feel a lot more amazing.


Also, regarding compact appliances, it’s also highly recommended to go for hybrid options such as a dryer and a washer in one, for example. This option is efficient in space utilization compared to buying them separately. Not to mention having one less cord to manage is something that everyone needs.

In addition to physical applications of space-saving concepts, residents of the house should also start cultivating a minimalist and efficient mindset in order to create harmony. This is integral in creating an efficient home that uses the same stovetop for numerous functions instead of buying separate cooking appliances, for example.

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Platelet Count Evaluation: Why Normal Platelet Count Is Important in Dengue Fever?

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A severe dengue infection can lead to death. According to the medical reports, hemorrhagic fever is the most common cause of death in dengue, this means, the patient can die due to massive internal bleeding secondary to severe fever. To avoid this condition, every medical protocol is to monitor the patient’s platelet count.

What does platelet count do in dengue infection?

According to the human anatomy and physiology, the platelet plays a critical role in coagulation or in the blood clotting mechanism. These tiny fractions in the blood are produced in the bone marrow. In a condition where there is an injured blood vessel, the platelets immediately rush towards the site. Then, these activated platelets release another signal to encourage numbers of platelets to the injured site to form a plug. This plug will create a thread like mesh, assisting to heal the injured site. To prevent bleeding, the body releases enough platelets; in a condition where a patient is suffering from dengue infection, one of the most critical symptoms is a severe fever. Due to high temperature, the blood pressure decreases, while the vasodilation increases. Then, it encourages the heart to pump more blood. As a result, the dengue patient is at high risk of internal bleeding. However, this condition can be avoided if there is enough platelet count in the blood. Why? This is because the platelet’s main function is to form blood clots; in other words, it helps the blood to become sticky, preventing vasodilation and increase the blood pressure.

According to the medical description, the normal range for a platelet count is from 150,000 to 450,000 platelets /microliter of blood. But, how can a dengue patient be able to boost his or her platelet count if the bone marrow is producing less platelet due to the infection? If you are currently reading tips & advice for improving your platelet count in a natural way, this article aims to provide alternative ways to boost platelet count:

Tip #1: Drinking papaya leaf juice

Although the usual protocol in dengue cases is platelet transfusion then blood, you may let the patient drink papaya leaf juice as an alternative medicine. According to herbalism, the extract from the papaya leaf raises both platelet count and red blood cells.

Tip #2: Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are known rich in vitamin K. Patients who are suffering from low platelet count are also low in vitamin K. According to studies, food with vitamin K is found to increase platelet production by 8 percent; even though small, it provides significant impact.

Tip #3: Eating foods that are rich in B12

Since thrombocytopenia is one of the leading symptoms of dengue, it is only relative that the patient should increase intake of vitamin B12. According to medical experts, low platelet count is often associated with B12 deficiency. There are other ways to increase platelet count in dengue cases; however, prevention is better than cure. So, always clean your surroundings to avoid dengue-carrying-mosquito infestation.


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Helpful Chainsaw Maintenance Tips

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A chainsaw is a very important tool for woodcutters and homeowners alike. It is a power cutting tool that allows them to trim branches, cut trees and overgrowth, and even cut wood for the fireplace or just for landscaping. Although the power tool is very useful and can help lessen the time and effort in cutting, it requires some maintenance to keep it working in its best condition. Here are the best ways to keep your chainsaw properly maintained the whole year.

  1. Know the limit of your chainsaw.

Do not cut limbs or any wood that is bigger, thicker or harder than what your chainsaw is made for. There are many different kinds of chainsaws that are designed for specific types of hardness and thickness. Go through the manual of your tool before deciding to use it on anything. That is why it is important that you choose the right chainsaw for the kind of work you are using it for before purchasing one.

  1. Don’t use it on dirt or sand.

When the chainsaw is moving, avoid running it into the ground where dirt or sand can be lodged into the tool and damage it. Before cutting a tree at its base, you clear the dirt around it first or dig the soil where it is planted. Make sure to turn off the chainsaw before laying it on the ground.

  1. Stabilize the wood you are cutting.

Be sure that the tree or the wood you are cutting is not moving and where it would be moving after you run the chainsaw on it. When the wood moves while you are cutting it in a direction other than where you planned it go, it might cause some major accident. It could also cause the chainsaw bar to get bent or damaged.

  1. Check for loose chain.

This is important as it could also be a safety hazard. Before you use your chainsaw, check the tension of the chain first. Do this also when you put the tool back in the storage. Go through the manual to see how you could tighten the chain. You might also want to check it from time to time while you are working on long projects, but make sure to turn off the engine before doing so.

  1. Lubricate your chainsaw.

Before using your chainsaw, make sure that the oil reservoir has enough oil to lubricate the chainsaw for the duration of your work. You can refill it every now and then when you need to use it for extended periods of time.

  1. Always clean the chainsaw.

Make sure that the chainsaw is free from sawdust or other dirt before putting it back in its case for storage. Carefully brush off the sawdust and use a cloth with a bit of oil to wipe off dirt on the bar and also the case.

  1. Replace the chain regularly.

This would depend on how often you use your chainsaw. But, the most recommended is at least once a year.

  1. Always check for damages.

Before using and putting the chainsaw back into storage, it is very important to check it for damages or loose components. A small damage on a certain part of the chainsaw could destroy the engine completely if left ignored. If you are not savvy in tinkering with the tool, you might want to have an expert look into it.


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Geriatric Activities to Make Twilight Years Pleasant

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How do you spend your typical day? Perhaps you begin by flexing some muscles, driving the car on your way to work, going shopping, eating a sumptuous breakfast, or playing some games. You consider these as normal activities that you can perform without difficulties because you are young, sprightly, and fit. Do you expect yourself to have the same agility during your twilight years? Well, obviously, not. However, that doesn’t mean the lives of the elderly should be wasted on mundane activities that “waste” their lives away.

That is especially true should the family decide to put the elderly in a geriatric home. Nevertheless, even if the family does not put them in nursing homes, it is important to allow the elderly to be involved in activities to make their sunset years as pleasant as possible.

Such activities stimulate the senses, enhancing their physical, intellectual, social, and emotional health. These likewise allow them to participate actively refreshes their skills and talent they once used to excel in their field of interest. This enhances their self-worth knowing they can still function as useful individuals.

Being engaged in activities provides them with opportunities to keep in touch with the world and socialize with people. This effectively reduces their boredom, moodiness, and depression. The activities exercise not only the body but the mind as well thereby reducing chances of mental wandering that promotes dementia.

In designing activities for the elderly, it is important to recognize the patient’s abilities so that he can continue doing what he likes or what he knows well. Consider using his past interests and put them into the present situation in spite of being limited due to age, fragile health, and mental deterioration. There are endless possibilities of creating different categories of activities. However, fundamental human attributes such as the following must be included:

  • Physical

These activities use the different parts of the body. Examples are dancing, walking, and simple exercises like Tai Chi or arms stretching. If the elderly suffer from arthritis that limits his movements, get him a lift chair that allows him a wide range of movements while not endangering his body. You can check out this website for the best lift chair you can find for your aged parents.

  • Cognitive

Reading, doing math, playing simple computer games, or object recall are good mental exercises that can improve the faculty of memory.

  • Creativity

Simple hand works like basic painting, calligraphy, or decoupage are activities that will bring out remnants of creative juices in an old person.

  • Communication

Providing opportunities for old people to speak to the phone, greeting visitors, and engaging them in a lively conversation can effectively reduce their tendency to be quiet and retreat to their own world.

  • Socialization

Allowing them to mingle with people apart from the family can make senior citizens feel they still belong to the society. Hosting a tea time party or bringing the old person to parks are ways of letting them meet other people outside the family or away from home.

  • Spirituality

Bringing him to church for worship activities, or allowing him to get involved in charitable works in whatever capacity are ways to fulfill and uplift a downtrodden spirit.

Giving an elderly person worthwhile activities to do can improve declining memory and diminishing energy. Families can seek the help of caregivers and other specialists in arranging different kinds of geriatric home activities that can encourage an old person to use his physical abilities, enhancing self-worth, and feeling contented in the remaining days of his life.

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